Get Started

The first step is to contact us via email to book your time slot. We are always busy here and depending on the time of year our lead times can be up to 3 months. Contact us for the current waiting time and please plan ahead.

Once we have confirmed your time slot we can then begin to create your new design.

Sometimes it is as simple as providing us with some pictures of your previous design, then leave it up to us to come up with some updates.

On other occasions you may be starting with a blank canvas. If you have a good idea of what you would like your new design to look like you may wish to download one of our blank design templates. Please feel free to attach examples of any colours or effects you would like us to use in your final design.

The week before your painting time slot we will contact you to arrange having your helmet shipped to us and also to discuss your final design in more detail.


For the best results we recommend that you begin with a new solid white helmet. We can supply a wide range of helmets if required.

Computer Generated Designs

Computer generated images of your new design are available but we much prefer to have the freedom to allow the design to evolve during the paint process. We have found that this approach allows us the freedom to achieve some amazing results without being restricted by a previously created design template.

Computer generated designs start from £50. Please note drawings must be paid for in full before the design is created.


Prices depend on the complexity of your design, paintwork generally ranges from £450-£850. Extra costs on top of the paintwork can include the painting of spoiler kits, chrome base and computer generated designs. There is an initial deposit of £100 to book your time slot; we are unable to confirm your Helmet paint job until we have received this. At the time of booking your time slot we will also confirm the total cost of your new design.

At the end of the process you will receive your very own high quality work of art. At Rennat Design we only paint one helmet per week which allows to take our time when creating your new design. This type of paintwork is expensive and may not suit everyone.


Shipping costs are at your expense please contact us for a quote if required.

Optional Extras

We can also offer a large range accessories to our customers such as coloured visors, vents, spoiler kits, helmet bags, water bottles etc. Please contact us for further information and prices.